Elite International Soccer believes in the value that soccer can bring to underprivleged youth. It is difficult to express exactly how crucial inclusion, integration and empowerment is to the development of a child and to Elite International Soccer's (EIS) mission. Through the promotion of sports and an emphasis on their right to play, children are able to express themselves on the field, demonstrate their commitment and exercise their passion. It is evident that children will always rise to the occasion. The opportunities just needs to be provided.

The first  outreach event was with PLAN Egypt and was hosted at Victory College. This was a skills clinic that took place for 60 street children that had had no other opportunities to play soccer. EIS organized a fun day through games and drills that all the children loved. The second outreach event was with the African Hope School and was hosted at Cairo American College. Around 68% of the African Hope children are UN refugees; most of these children have escaped from civil war and related problems in various parts of Africa. Involving 150 children, EIS created an all day tournament where youth had the opportunity to compete and integrate in a safe and fun environment.

 Below is a link to a Cairo Scene article and a short youtube clip from our event with African Hope.

Cairo Scene - Street Children Soccer Tournament to Inspire Future Legends





A special thanks goes out to our partners for providing water and juice, lunch, and a safe and professional playing environment. This event would not have been possible without the help of the community and EIS players.


Elite International Soccer continues to commit to the right to play and to youth development all across Egypt and beyond. If you are interested in helping out or partnering with us for an event pleasecontact us.


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