Elite International Soccer (EIS) is proud to announce another new season of programs on offer to our Maadi & New Cairo branches.

Elite International Soccer has produced a clear ‘Player Pathway’ which takes a common sense and player-centered approach to developing the football potential in our young learners. The player pathway is progressive, coherent and challenging and will allow our players to reach their potential in an clear & organised manner.

Tots Academy: The Tots Academy Program gives young children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high-quality soccer skills in a fun, friendly & pressure -free environment. Participants will learn valuable social skills such as listening, sharing & teamwork, with a large emphasis on developing fundamental motor skills such as balance, agility & co-ordination. (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE 2018 SEASON NOW!)

EIS Soccer School: Getting players used to the ball & discovering the game’s rules & characteristics while developing fine motor skills in a fun setting. It is very important that a fun and enjoyable environment is created for the players learn most efficiently. Players within the Soccer School will look to hone their technical skill-set & get used to playing in opposed environments at a confident level. (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE 2018 SEASON NOW!)

Goalkeeper Academy: Our specialist Goalkeeper Academy session provides specific training for any young & budding goalkeepers. Delivered by specialist goalkeeper coaches, these sessions will work on the techniques required for the modern day goalkeeper, including shot-stopping, distribution, positioning & much more.

Advanced Development: The Advanced Development group is designed to bridge the gap for players heading towards performance level football. Players are highlighted from the Soccer School by our coaches & invited to attended weekly sessions. Players will work on developing technical, tactical, physical & mental areas of their game from a detailed & unique curriculum program specifically made by EIS.

High School Boys Academy: An Academy section for all aspiring high school student players (grades 8-12), who are interested in pursuing top quality soccer training. EIS has an extensive professional and personal network in the US with a large number of colleges and universities across the different NCAA programs for Division I, II and III schools. Enabling us to use our HS Academy as a platform for players to potentially earn such opportunities. Through our network, various opportunities are available, from local scouting here in Egypt, to college identification camps in the US, as well as full and partial scholarships.

The HS Academy will also work with players technically, tactically, physically & mentally in order to help players realize their playing potential, along with regularly competing in tournaments & matches. (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE 2018 SEASON NOW!)

Women's Team: Our women's team sessions aim to provide opportunities for women to take part in soccer within a relaxed but professional setting. Our coaches deliver creative sessions which emphasize the fun, social & fitness elements of the sport.



Practice Days: Monday & Wednesday
Time: High School Boys: (4.30pm-6.30pm), Tots Academy/Soccer School: (6:00pm - 7:30pm)
Starts: January 22nd 2018
Ends: May 7th 2018
Location: Midan Victoria, The Field, Maadi
• Tots Academy: 3,500LE
• Soccer School: 4,500LE
• Goalkeeper Academy: 4,500LE
• Advanced Development (invite-only): 200LE per session

New Cairo

Practice Days: Sunday & Tuesday
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Starts: September 10th 2017
Ends: December 12th 2017
Location: TBD
• Tots Academy: 3,500LE 
• Soccer School: 4,500LE 
• Goalkeeper Academy: 4,500LE 
• Advanced Development (invite-only): 200LE per session • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes